16 May, 2008

My hook shot

I love to play basketball. When I am in shape and have my game on, I favor my hook shot. I model my hook shot on the master:

I'll hit some from fairly far out. Nothing like Kareem. Still, I have a mean hook shot.

The Preakness

If you are going to the race this weekend, you may want to take in the *other* event that is happening there, the Outhouse Trot:

I think this may be what I now consider, to be the height of stupidity. Not because doing this event might land you in something quite literally "crappy", but, it's an enormous waste of perfectly good beer. Ya, that's what everyone is flinging at the runners. Full cans (and some bottles) of beer.

Earth to Mars: Phoenix landing

I saw this clip of the explanation of the Phoenix mission to Mars. This is an attempt to land near the north pole of Mars to see if they can find water or evidence of water:

I love this stuff, having grown up in the Air Force in the 60's on a missile base.

What will be interesting is:

a.) will the craft actually make the descent (other missions have missed)?
b.) will it actually land intact?

Dropping the last bit as the video indicates, seems like a humongous risk. I believe in science. This is really hard work. I'm not taking bets, but, I'm guessing it will land successfully. If it does, the knowledge that comes from that, should be awesome.

13 May, 2008

Sports Announcing Gold

I wonder where stuff like this comes from in the heat of the moment:

"No regard for human life"? I dunno. That is *one* monster dunk man.

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea?

That's right, Spongebob. And guess what, he can be in your bum too!

Who is the dork that insisted that they put the text on there that this can be rectal too? There are going to be some kids in very expensive therapy for a long while...

12 May, 2008

I love basketball

This would be an awesome match-up:

one more and they could go 2-on-2. How cool would that be?

08 May, 2008

Charles Barkley is a Dumbass

It's true:

I've been somewhat pre-occupied with other goings on in my life. However, I've been getting in more games of late so I'm pretty happy about that. Especially ho my Lakers are doing!