21 January, 2009

Inauguration photos: http://ping.fm/8MfN9 - label that, "wow".

19 January, 2009

RT: If you haven't today, why not take 10 min to watch, hear or read the I Have a Dream speech http://ping.fm/BUCp5 and play it loud

- just my awesome view of MtnView.

I am serving the OSS community today. I was going to give blood but rode my bike in, so - can't do that...

13 January, 2009

Mavericks on Friday?

I've been watching the same report Jeff Clark and company watch. It looks like the Mavericks contest is going to go off this weekend. The article in the Mercury News seems to favor Friday. I have a spare day off in the bank, so all I need to do is to finish making sure my wetsuit is ready.

So, hang in, once I get back, I'll get my pictures processed (no underwater digital camera - so going olde school: film) and put up another entry that is hopefully as robust as last year's.

I feel as nervous as though I were going to be the one to actually compete... It's a long paddle and the inside surf that I have to paddle through is fairly un-predictable, so that is part of it. However, watching these athletes surf waves that could have 40 foot faces (imagine jumping down 3 to 4 stories off a building), is something I had never thought I'd see growing up surfing.

Anyway, hang in, I'm hopeful it's going to go as smooth as it did last year.