16 February, 2008

At the L@ne

Post-dawn patrol - about 7a at the L@ne...
I've seen m1dd1e peak larger, but this was mighty sweet.

Sets were at fairly long intervals, but reasonably consistent.

Me? I had a meeting... Unfortunately, not with Mr. Zoggs... :-(

I made it back to the rail at about 4p. The wind had picked up.

There were crowds, but nothing like I would have expected.

Not quite Victory at Sea. The wind didn't seem to keep folks out of the drop. Nice split peak offering here:

Just on the edge of the barrel:

Just in front of the cliff, he made the cutback and came up off the lip.

Okay, I'm not using a digital SLR. This picture turned out much better than I had expected. This one reminds me of the opening sequence of Hawaii 5-0.

I'm hoping to make it out tomorrow or Monday, though I'm expecting it to drop off.

What? You're waxing up your board now? Uh huh. thought so... Cheers Mate!

15 February, 2008


Ya, that's how I roll. Found this on Valleywag:

whatever you do, vote when you are given the honor.

Total Eclipse!

Having been a fan of science, Space science in particular, stuff like this always excites me:

Read the whole story while you're at it! Then, don't miss the show...