10 September, 2008

Barack comes back

Lipstick on a pig

The McCain campaign is indignant about what?

Oh. I get that...

08 September, 2008


huh, I managed to miss this at the RNC last week:

Mighty big of them to give Barack the chant at the end! ;)

06 September, 2008

Downhill Skating

Back in about January, I put up a post about Skateboarding. In that post I mentioned that I had some pictures around here of me skating on Coronado Street in Ocean Beach (San Diego) in the late 70's.

Well, today was clean out the dresser day. In that effort, I FOUND THE PICTURES!:

That's me up front and my brother and his brother-in-law in the background towards the top of the hill. They shared a great house at the top of the hill, so this was just something to do to blow off steam at halftime watching the Chargers, or just when we felt like it.

There were always cars parked along the street, much like there is now I'm sure. Either way, it was great fun. I had a favorite move which was to come as close as I could to the back of a car and make my cut-back off the left rear bumper:

Apparently this was before we discovered gloves... Sigh. I miss those days. That was just a lot of fun. I didn't fall on this one above by the way. Also, if you could see my socks, they matched the shoes, yellow and black stripped. Very cool. ;)